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Career Services: Your 30-Second Summary

30-second pitchWhat is a 30-Second Summary?

This is a brief description of your background, which may include education, work experience, and special skills. Your 30-second summary should contain your most positive points. Formal education will definitely be one of your strengths, but be sure to include any relevant work experience. If your experience is limited, talk about special skills you possess. Above all, keep your 30-Second Summary brief and to the point. This is not the time to review the details of your resume.

Writing Your 30-Second Summary

  1. List three or four key strengths you want to include in your summary.
  2. Now incorporate those points into a first draft of your 30-second summary.  Make sure it is 30 seconds or less!
  3. After it is written, practice presenting it out loud.  You may want to record it on tape, play it back, critique it, or practice in front of a mirror.  Practice until you have a winner.
  4. Modify your 30-second summary to fit special situations, such as introducing yourself to recruiters at career fairs.

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